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Stopping student loans for those with low grades alienates students who need it the most

by Metro, February 8, 2019

Students loans could be denied to young people who get less than three D grades at A-level, according to a recent leak of the prime minister’s review of post-18 education.

If this goes ahead many students who, like me, come from marginalised social groups, will be alienated from higher education.

These young people are more likely to suffer with mental illnesses, skip school because of bullying and structurally live in poverty, care or even experience homelessness.

Celebrating ‘ambition, innovation and excellence’ at Islington Education Awards

by Islington Gazette, February 8, 2019

Famous faces including actress Sian Phillips and television presenter Aggie McKenzie will be on hand to dish out awards at LSO, St Luke’s from 6pm on Monday, February 11.

Among the teachers up for an award is Clare Verga, who has overseen the transformation of City of London Academy Highbury Grove from a school in special measures two years ago to one performing above the national average in January’s GCSE league tables.

Exeter Steiner parents appeal to Ofsted to support the school so it can succeed

by Devon Live, February 8, 2019

Parents from the Steiner Academy Exeter have written to Ofsted’s chief inspector calling for support to ensure Steiner Waldorf schools can thrive in the future.

The letter to Amanda Spielman acknowledges Ofsted was ‘right’ to rate the school as inadequate following an inspection last year, but states the distinct Steiner ethos is one that should be preserved.

'Learning by doing' can never be the foundation for a proper education

by telegragh , February 8, 2019

Last week, six schools operating under the Steiner Waldorf banner were rated Inadequate by Ofsted. The three state schools in this group will be placed in Special Measures, while the private schools will face some form of “enforcement action”.

This is not the first time Steiner schools have faced controversy. In recent years, the schools have attracted criticism for their alleged aversion to vaccinations and the philosophy of their founder Rudolf Steiner – a believer in reincarnation and racial hierarchy.

There are more Chinese students at UK universities than ever, but they face clear cultural challenges

by iNews, February 8, 2019

Going to university is a culture shock for many young people. Gone are the comforts of home and the familiarity of school friends as students often face living away from their family and studying with strangers. It might take a bit of time for British students to get used to their new surroundings in another city. But imagine the challenges faced by a student from a country thousands of miles away, integrating with the UK’s alien education system and lifestyle – the culture shock might last a little longer.

Armies of librarians are necessary to understand the modern information onslaught

by Times Higher Education, February 8, 2019

Librarians create catalogues, add metadata and teach people how to think critically about what they find on the internet. The world has changed and so have they, says Beth Montague-Hellen

School leaders 'worried' about new Ofsted framework

by TES, February 8, 2019

Imposing a flawed new inspection framework could damage the relationship between schools and Ofsted, a heads' leader will warn today.

Paul Whitman, general secretary of the NAHT headteachers' union, will speak at a heads' conference.

Education Secretary sets out vision for character and resilience

by GOV.UK, February 7, 2019

Character and resilience are as crucial to young people’s future success as academic qualifications, Education Secretary Damian Hinds said today.

Addressing the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership conference today (7 February), Mr Hinds laid out the 5 Foundations for Building Character and pledged to work with schools and external organisations, including membership bodies and charities, to help every child access activities within each of those foundations.

DfE plans new Gatsby-style ‘benchmarks’ for character education

by Schools Week, February 7, 2019

The government will develop new “benchmarks” for character education against which schools will be required to assess themselves, Damian Hinds has said.

The education secretary announced today that he is assembling an “advisory group” to draw up recommendations for developing “character and resilience” in pupils and new character benchmarks to measure performance of schools.

Screen time: Children advised not to use electronic devices at dinner

by BBC News, February 7, 2019

Mobile phones should be banned from the dinner table and bedtimes as part of a healthy approach to devices, the UK's four chief medical officers have said.

Children should also take a break from screen-based activities every two hours, the government advisers said.

And they added industry must do more to keep children safe.

UK university applications rise for first time in three years amid Brexit uncertainty

by Independent, February 7, 2019

The number of students applying to study at UK universities has increased for the first time in three years – and Brexit uncertainty and the weaker pound may be behind the rise.

A total of 561,420 people have applied to start a course at a British university in September 2019, the latest Ucas figures show, which is up for the first time since 2016 when the number was 539,720.

We need to talk about...Education

by Guardian, February 7, 2019

Guardian journalists, supporters and industry experts discuss what education systems around the world can learn from each other and how to enable change.

The class pay gap: why it pays to be privileged

by Guardian, February 7, 2019

Mark has one of the most coveted jobs in television. As a senior commissioner at one of Britain’s biggest broadcasters, he controls a budget extending to the millions. And every day, a steady stream of independent television producers arrive at his desk desperate to land a pitch. At just 39, Mark is young to wield such power. After making his name as a programmemaker, he initially became a commissioner at a rival broadcaster before being headhunted five years ago. A string of hits later, he is now one of the industry’s biggest players.

The children skipping school aren't ruining the planet – you are

by Guardian, February 6, 2019

If there is one political subject that remains neglected and underestimated because of how we have for centuries run our societies, economies and families, then it is children. Although the experience and process of growing up has in many ways profoundly changed through history, our understanding of children has failed to keep pace.

GCSEs: Is this the best way to revise?

by TES, February 6, 2019

The mocks are over. Results have been sent home. We’ve finished the cycle of feedback carousels with detailed coverage of how the paper went and some examples of good technique. We’ve also had parents’ evening to pass on the final gems of advice. It’s time to get back to the course and leave the lessons of the trial exams (such as the hard fact that more in-depth revision is needed) to sink in.

Marling Grammar School in top ten for pupils' progress

by Stroud News and Journal, February 6, 2019

Marling School is the joint 14th highest grammar school in the country for Value Added* at A-level and is in the top 10 per cent nationally of all state, independent, academy schools and sixth forms.

Results published last week by the Department for Education confirm that in 2018, A-level students at Marling made more progress than students at most other schools in the country.

Department of Education to attend Mental Health in Schools Conference and Placement in UK

by Gibraltar Chronicles, February 6, 2019

A group of senior teachers from both primary and secondary schools will next week be attending a conference and a school placement in UK as part of the mental health, social and emotional wellbeing project.

The project is coordinated by the Ministry for Education’s Jackie Linares and Wayne Barton.

Following the recent announcement by Minister for Education Dr John Cortes that four school-based counsellors are to be employed, significant work has been undertaken, largely through the recently introduced Department of Education Mental Health Steering Groups.

Music education ‘crisis’ laid bare in parliamentary report

by The Stage, February 6, 2019

Music education in England is in crisis and is being destroyed by the English Baccalaureate, a parliamentary report has claimed.

The “devastating” effects of the EBacc on music education are exposed in the study, which challenges the government’s assertion that its flagship education policy is not impacting the take-up of arts GCSEs.

SDG4: Sustainable Education, Sustainable Education, Sustainable Education

by Business Green, February 6, 2019

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, goes the old adage, teach him to fish and you feed him for life. It should be obvious, shouldn't it? Education is one of the cornerstones of both the green economy and the global pursuit of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is quite simply impossible to engineer a rapid shift to a decarbonised, clean, and healthy economy without a concerted focus on the skills required to enable and deliver such a transition. And although government may be the primary provider of education in many countries, it is also a topic of critical importance to the long-term health and vitality of the business community. And yet, four years on from the introduction of the SDGs, quality education is still neither universally accessible nor universally accepted as a social and economic good.

Student exchanges in no-deal Brexit threat

by BBC, February 6, 2019

Universities are warning the Erasmus study abroad scheme will have no more funding for UK students in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

It would mean that 17,000 UK students would not study in European universities as planned next year.

The UK government had previously indicated it wanted to continue taking part in the exchange scheme.


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