The allocations shown are for National Allocations Day (1st March) each year and, where we have them, for later allocation rounds or the final allocation profile at the end of August/start of September to show where there was movement on the waiting lists.

It is important to understand the abbreviations used in the tables. The first priority for admission are (usually) siblings of children currently in the school and living in catchment (In-Area Siblings – IAS). Each school will define “sibling” in their Admissions Policy – some will be siblings of pupils in Years 7 – 11, others may include Years 12 & 13, and a few schools also give priority to siblings of former pupils. After in-area siblings come children without older siblings who live in catchment (IA). Then come siblings who live out of catchment (OAS) and finally children who are out of catchment (OA) with no particular priority other than the distance from their home to the school gates.

Now that all of the Bucks Grammar Schools and some Upper Schools are Academies they all have different Admissions Policies. It is therefore absolutely essential that parents take the time to read the Admissions Policy of each individual school that may be of interest to them, as shown on their website.

The figures given below represent the furthest extent of the allocation in each case. For example, an allocation profile that reads “OAS to 5.5 mls” indicates that all children in catchment received places, but after that only siblings living within 5.5 miles outside of catchment received a place. Children who were nearer to the school but who did not have a sibling were not allocated a place.

In summary, priority is usually given in this order:

IAS = In Area siblings.
IA = In Area, i.e. catchment.
OAS = Out of Area siblings.
OA = Out of Area, i.e. out of catchment. That might be in or out of County, and priority is not given to children resident in Buckinghamshire.
ALL = All Offered, i.e. everyone who applied received a place.

Please note that successful over-subscription appeals are not included in the profile because they would distort the profiles.

Please note that at the top of each column it states “DD”, standing for Driving Distance and “SLD”, standing for Straight Line Distance, which has been used since 2013.

GRAMMAR SCHOOLS2017 (01 MAR)2016 (12 MAY)2016 (01 MAR)2015 (24 APR)2015 (02 MAY)2014 (21 MAY)2014 (01 MAR)2013 (19 APR)2013 (01 MAR)2012 (18 MAY)2012 (01 MAR)2011 (01 SEP)2011 (01 MAR)
Aylesbury GS (Boys)OA to 24.085OA to 13.326OA to 13.326OA to 17.323OA to 17.323OA to 16.735OA to 16.735OA to 14.428OA to 14.428 mlsOA to 19.342 mlsOA to 18.511 mlsALLALL
Aylesbury HS (Girls)OA to 15.466OA to 17.367OA to 17.367OA to 16.298OA to 15.881ALLALLOA to 17.746OA to 16.876 mlsALLALLALLALL
Beaconsfield HS (Girls)OA to 11.329OA to 10.971OA to 8.925OA to 11.892OA to 7.965OA to 9.236OA to 7.784OA to 8.999ALL IA3ALLALL2ALLOAS to 7.503 mls
Burnham GSOA to 7.435OA to 10.771OA to 10.501OA to 12.458OA to 12.363OA to 10.520OA to 9.035OA to 10.084OA to 8.414 mlsOA to 14.299 mls2OA to 13.509 mlsOA to 13.102 mlsOA to 9.996 mls
Chesham GSOA to 6.531OA to 12.615OA to 11.787OA to 13.612OA to 12.393ALLOA to 14.263ALLALLALLALLALLALL
Dr Challoner’s GS (Boys)IA to 7.211IA to 7.236IA to 7.018IA to 6.185IA to 5.918IA to 7.378IA to 7.172IA to 5.973IA to 5.634 mlsIA to 6.069 mlsIA to 6.069 mlsOA to 11.291 mlsOA to 11.291 mls
Dr Challoner’s HS (Girls)OA to 8.250OA to 10.997OA to 9.975OA to 8.142OA to 3.748IA to 7.941IA to 5.971IA to 7.593IA to 6.497 mlsOA to 4.082 mlsIA to 7.667 mlsIA to 8.447 mlsIA to 7.090 mls
John Hampden GSOA to 7.900OA to 8.095OA to 8.095ALLALLALLIA to 11.532OA to 10.101 mlsOA to 15.873 mlsOA to 13.936 mlsALLOA to 10.532 mlsOA to 8.984 mls
The Royal GS (Boys)OA to 8.216IA to 8.717IA to 8.717OA to 21.272OA to 16.850OA to 16.127OA to 7.882IA to 14.111OA to 9.813 mlsIA to 10.295 mlsIA to 9.836 mlsALLALL
The Royal LatinOA to 8.558OA to 8.961OA to 8.961OA to 8.396OA to 8.276OA to 9.347OA to 9.347OA to 7.693OA to 7.693 mlsOA to 10.721 mlsOA to 10.721 mlsOA to 11.107 mlsOA to 11.107 mls
Sir Henry Floyd GSOA to 17.588OA to 18.306OA to 17.862OA to 14.851ALLALLALLALLALLALLALLOA to 21.661 mlsALL
Sir William Borlase’s GSIA to 3.367IA to 3.326IA to 3.326OA to 11.929OA to 11.352OA to 6.141OA to 6.141OA to 3.971OA to 3.971 mlsOA to 6.389 mlsOA to 6.389 mlsIA to 6.420 mlsIA to 4.654 mls
Wycombe HS (Girls)OA to 24.584OA to 11.972OA to 11.972ALLOA to 20.413OA to 15.590OA to 13.874OA to 10.234OA to 13.874OA to 10.234 mlsIA to 6.832 mlsIA to 6.832 mlsOA to 9.67 mls

1 The Royal Grammar School (182 day places & 10 boarding) – Due to under subscription for boarding places in 2008, the school took the decision to convert the 7 vacant boarding places to day places.

2 Burnham Grammar eventually became “All Offered” in 2012 due to there being 9 successful oversubscription appeals for DCGS and RGS. The distance shown is therefore the true distance before those appeals.

3 For Beaconsfield High School the distance shown for 2013 is walking/driving distance, so the figures are comparable with previous years.

UPPER SCHOOLS2016 (12 MAY)2016 (01 MAR)2015 (24 APR)2015 (02 MAR)2014 (21 MAY)2014 (01 MAR)2013 (01 MAR)2012 (18 MAY)2012 (01 MAR)2011 (01 SEP)2011 (01 MAR)2010 (30 SEP)2010 (01 MAR)2009 (04 AUG)
Amersham SchoolOA to 2.598OA to 1.676OA to 3.367OA to 3.205ALLOA to 3.330OA to 4.208OA to 3.692 mlsOA to 3.647 mlsALLOA to 6.159 mlsOA to 4.695 mlsOA to 3.876 mlsALL
The Beaconsfield SchoolOA to 4.575OA to 2.806OA to 3.385OA to 3.022OA to 3.028OA to 2.889OA to 2.765 mlsOA to 4.562 mlsOA to 4.017 mlsOA to 7.461 mlsOA to 4.205 mlsOA to 5.853 mlsOA to 3.891 mlsOA to 3.673 mls
The Bourne End AcademyALLALLALLALLALLALLALLALLALLOA to 6.979 mlsOA to 5.816 mlsOA to 5.902 mlsOA to 5.589 mlsOA to 5.680 mls
The Chalfonts Community CollegeOA to 7.750OASOA to 6.364OA to 2.688OA to 8.255OA to 5.680OAS to 6.090 mlsIA to 7.674 mlsIA to 6.763 mlsOAS to 8.985 mlsAll IAALLAll IAAll IA
The Cottesloe SchoolOA to 5.438OA to 5.438OA to 6.249OA to 6.249ALLALLOA to 5.837 mlsALLALLALLALLOA to 7.832 mlsOAS to 8.388 mlsALL
The Grange SchoolOA to 1.066OA to 1.066OA to 1.127OA to 1.127OA to 1.295OA to 1.295OA to 1.208 mlsALL3ALL3OA to 2.795 mlsOA to 2.795 mlsOA to 2.781 mlsOA to 2.627 mlsALL
Holmer Green Senior SchoolOA to 3.222OA to 3.222ALLALLOA to 2.701IAS+IA to 2.307IA to 2.290 mlsIA to 1.514 mlsIA to 3.316 mlsIA to 2.784 mlsIA to2.748 mlsOA to 5.389 mlsIA to 5.389 mlsIA to 3.087 mls
John Colet SchoolOA to 4.474OA to 4.474OA to 4.572OA to 4.572OA to 3.819OA to 3.819OA to 3.850 mlsOA to 4.890 mlsOA to 4.890 mlsOA to 4.960 mlsOA to 4.960 mlsOA to 4.331 mlsIA+OASOA to 4.426 mls
The Mandeville SchoolALLALLALLALLALLALLALLALLALLALLOAS to 1.648 mlsOAS to 2.966 mlsALL IA + OASIA to 2.764
The Misbourne SchoolOA to 3.886OA to 3.465OA to 4.753OA to 4.675ALLOA to 5.462ALLALLALLALLALLALL IA + OASOA to 6.018 mlsOA to 6.751 mls
Princes Risborough SchoolALLALLOA to 6.382OA to 6.382ALLALLOA to 6.150 mlsOA to 7.320 mlsOA to 7.761 mlsOA to 8.073 mlsOA to 5.597 mlsALLOA to 7.783 mlsOA to 7.332 mls
Sir William Ramsay SchoolOA to 5.277OA to 1.366OA to 1.366OA to 1.132OA to 1.313OA to 1.313OA to 1.177 mlsOA to 1.520 mlsOA to 1.520 mlsOA to 3.691 mlsOA to 1.341 mlsNot knownOA to 1.361 mlsOA to 4.112 mls

3 The Grange School offered places to all applicants who applied on time, but appears to have been oversubscribed for late applicants after the first round of allocations.

4 In 2008 the Mandeville School created an additional Y7 class due to the number of successful transfer appeals in previous years.

The Highcrest Academy now allocates places via banding, and therefore past data on distances have been removed from the table. Allocations within the banding system are shown below.

School Name Changes:
Aylesbury Vale Academy was previously known as the Quarrendon School.
Burnham E-ACT Academy was previously Burnham Upper School.
Chiltern Hills Academy was previously Chesham Park Community College.
The Highcrest Academy was previously the Highcrest Community School.

Upper Schools with Special Entrance Requirements

Great Marlow School

2016 (12 May)IA to 7.819 mls
2016 (01 Mar)IA to 7.367 mls
2015 (01 Mar)IA to 4.028 mls
2014 (21 May)IA to 7.790 mls
2014 (01 Mar)IA to 7.243 mls
2013 (19 Apr)OA to 2.216 mls
2013 (01 Mar)ALL IA + OAS + OA (catchment area primary school) to 2.441 mls
2012 (18 May)ALL IA + OAS + OA (catchment area primary school) to 3.93 mls
2012 (01 Mar)IA to 8.862 mls
2011 (01 Sep)OA to 3.591 mls
2011 (01 Mar)OA catchment primary to 4.139 mls
2010 (30 Sep)OAS to 3.808 mls
2010 (01 Mar)IA to 8.413 mls
2009 (04 Aug)OA catchment primary to 3.072 mls
2009 (01 Mar)IAS to 3.974 mls

The Highcrest Academy

2015 (02 Mar)ALLSome to 0.718 mlsSome to 1.722 mlsSome to 0.448 mls
2014 (21 May)ALLSome to 4.722 mlsTo 1.378 mlsAll siblings
2014 (01 Mar)ALLALLSiblings + some to 1.378 mlsSiblings
2013 (19 Apr)Additional offersAdditional offersNo offersAdditional offers
2013 (01 Mar)ALLSome to 0.914 mlsSome to 0.562 mlsSome to 0.477 mls

St. Michael’s Catholic School

2016 (12 May)All under rules 1 – 8a and some to a distance of 1.446 mls
2016 (01 Mar)All under rules 1 – 8a and some to a distance of 1.446 mls
2015 (02 Mar)All under rules 1 – 5 and some to a distance of 1.190 mls
2014 (21 May)All under rules 1 – 5 and all other faith.
2014 (01 Mar)All under rules 1 – 5 and some (linked faith) to a distance of 0.991 mls
2013 (19 Apr)All under rules 1 – 5 and one offer to other faith sibling.
2013 (01 Mar)All under rules 1 – 5 and some to a distance of 0.781 mls
2012 (18 May)All under rules 1 – 9 (religious commitment) and some under Rule 10 (distance) to 1.824 mls
2012 (01 Mar)All under rules 1 – 9 (religious commitment) and some under Rule 10 (distance) to 1.653 mls
2011 (01 Sep)OA to 1.215 mls
2011 (01 Mar)All applicants offered under rules 1 – 9 (religious commitment) and some under distance rules to 1.215 mls
2010 (30 Sep)Please contact the school directly
2010 (01 Mar)All applicants offered under rules 1 – 9 (religious commitment) and some attending partner schools to 2.0303 mls
2009 (04 Aug)All applicants offered under rules 1 – 9 (religious commitment) and some allocated to a distance of 2.117 mls
2009 (01 Mar)All applicants offered under rules 1 – 9 (religious commitment) and some allocated to a distance of 1.838 mls

Waddesdon CE School

2016 (12 May)All IA and strong church commitment to other churches to 3.390 miles
2016 (01 Mar)All IA and strong church commitment to other churches to 3.390 miles
2015 (02 Mar)All IA and strong commitment to the CofE to 4.506 mls
2014 (21 May)Strong commitment to other churches to 4.606 mls
2014 (01 Mar)Strong commitment to other churches to 4.606 mls
2013 (19 Apr)All under rules 1 – 3 plus rule 4 (siblings) to 3.835 miles
2013 (01 Mar)All IA and strong commitment to the CofE to 11.773 mls
2012 (18 May)Strong commitment to other churches to 4.215 mls
2012 (01 Mar)Strong commitment to other churches to 4.215 mls
2011 (30 Sep)Strong commitment to other churches to 5.419 mls
2011 (01 Mar)Strong commitment to other churches to 4.387 mls
2010 (30 Sep)Strong commitment to the CofE to 8.864 mls
2010 (01 Mar)Strong commitment to the CofE to 8.687 mls
2009 (04 Aug)Strong commitment to the CofE +OAS
2009 (01 Mar)OAS to 7.483 mls