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The Schools Admissions Code, that came into effect in 2012, stated that by law, schools must take all reasonable steps to inform parents of the outcome of tests before the closing deadline for the Common Application form (CAF) on October 31st.

There are no fully selective grammar schools remaining in the county of Hertfordshire, but there are several high-performing partially selective schools. Competition for places is extremely fierce.

Hertfordshire operates a Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme, which includes the partially-selective schools in this section.

The schools that are, broadly speaking, treated as being in Hertfordshire (because of historic geographic links) are:

South-West Herts Consortium Schools

Seven partially selective schools in South-west Hertfordshire administer their 11+ tests as a consortium, sometimes referred to as the South-West Herts Consortium of Schools.
A percentage of places in each school are available in merit order by reference to academic ability. All applicants must take a mathematics and verbal reasoning test . No minimum score is required to gain admission.
You will find here detailed information about the ENTRANCE TEST FOR THE CONSORTIUM SCHOOLS

A percentage of places are offered in all the Consortium schools except Bushey Meads on the basis of proven aptitude in Music. All applicants under this criteria have to take a written music test administered by the SW Herts Consortium. The test does not require any previous knowledge of music or music theory.
Applicants who achieve the qualifying score are invited back for a 2nd stage practical musical assessment. Places are offered on the basis of scored achieved in the 2nd stage.
Details can be found HERE

Bushey Meads offer an additional test which is called the Technological Aptitude Test, based on non-verbal reasoning consisting of two multiple choice papers. 17 places are offered in descending order of scores. This is an additional test and is entirely optional. However, all applicants have to sit the Consortium Test.

Queens offer a few places with those with exceptional sporting ability and live within the catchment area . Applicants have to take the PE Aptitude Test which cover the core movement skills. The tests have been selected by the Council of European Physical Fitness
Details can be found HERE

Admissions Information for September 2018 Entry

Important Notice: Changes to SW Herts Schools’ Exams

Please note that the SW Herts Schools Consortium are currently updating their website indicating there is a possibility of a change in the testing. However the dates below are confirmed. Be aware that the information below may be subject to change

Closing date for applications Registration for test online – Friday 16th June 2017;(Registration opens Monday 24th April 2017)
link to online form is here
Secondary Application (CAF) 31st October 2017
Test venue and time notification- Monday 3rd 4th July 2017
11+ test dates Saturday 9th September 2017 – Academic Test(11+)
Tuesday 12th September 2017 – Music Aptitude Test see details
Queens’ Sports Aptitude Test – Friday 15th September 2017 or Tuesday 19th September 2017
see details
Saturday 23rd September 2017 – Bushey Meads’ Technology Aptitude Test, see details
Week commencing Monday 25th September 2017 – Second round of Music Tests
Test Types Two tests, Mathematics (50 minutes) by GL Assessment
Verbal Reasoning by CEM (approximately one hour testing vocabulary, comprehension)
Familiarisation Papers
Test details on South West Herts Consortium
Test Results Monday 16th October 2017
Examiners Maths -NFER administered by GL Assessment (Please note no changes have been announced for the Maths paper)
Verbal Reasoning – CEM (Durham University)
Familiarisation Paper
Standardised Score Yes
Allocations Day 1 March 2018
Admissions Hertfordshire County Council Tel: 0300 123 4043
South West Herts Consortium Email:swhsconsortium@gmail.com
Recommended Practice Materials Verbal Reasoning
Bushey Meads Technology Test

Please Note There is no telephone number for the South West Herts Consortium. All mainline enquiries should be directed to one of the schools within the consortium.

Watford Girls Grammar – previous allocations showing minimum score(not a pass mark)

*Exam provider changed for Verbal reasoning. There is no pass mark

599 Total Applications in Sept 2016 2016 2015 2014
Academic lowest score offered in Watford area *215 250 252
Academic lowest score offered in outer admission area 227 257 259
Music lowest 2nd stage music score offered in Watford area 40 37 40
Music lowest 2nd stage music score offered in outer admission area 40 40 43
Furthest distance to achieve a place in metres 726.81 246.59 250.44

Parmiter’s School – Previous allocations

2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Academic lowest score
Priority Postcodes: WD3 to WD25 inc
AL1, AL2, AL3,
HP1, HP2, HP3 and HA6)
224* 253 255 246 247
Outside Priority
249* 269 279 270 268
Furthest Distance 968.1 metres 882.64 metres 1025.49 metres 1216.54 metres 1319.3 metres
Music- Stage 1
lowest score
45 47 47 47 47
Music- stage 2
Lowest score
Priority Postcodes
37 37 36 38 37
Music- stage 2
lowest score
Outside area
45 44 42 43 45

Queens School – Previous allocations showing minimum score to gain entry (not a pass mark)

2016 2015 2014
Academic *197 224 226
Music 12 26 23
Sport 94.13 92.71 95.71
Furthest distance 1413.650 1637.010 1379.768

St Clement Danes – Previous allocations

2016 2015 2014
Academic *219 248 252
Aptitude test
pass mark
45 47 47
Lowest Performance
36 36 33
(within WD3)
3657m 2535m 2809m

Consortium Schools

School Gender Type Places Open Day
Bushey Meads School Mixed Partially Selective 200 places.10% of places allocated on aptitude for technology; remaining places are allocated by “banding” based on the consortium tests TBA
Parmiter’s School Mixed Partically Selective 208 places in Year 7. 25% of places selected on general ability, 10% of places for aptitude for Music Thursday 29 Sept 2016 4pm-8.30pm
Queens’ School (Bushey) Mixed Partially Selective 265 places in Year 7. 35% of places selected on general ability, 5% for musical aptitude, 5% for sporting aptitude TBA
Rickmansworth School Mixed Partially Selective 196 places in Year 7. 25% of places selected on general ability, 10% of places for musical aptitude, 49 of those are selected according to academic ability , 19 on the basis of music ability. 28 Sept 2016 5.30pm- 9.00pm
St Clement Danes School (Chorleywood) Mixed Partially Selective 208 places. 10% general ability, 10% musical aptitude Saturday 7th Oct 2017
Watford Grammar School for Boys Boys Partially Selective 196 places in Year 7. 25%(49 places) of places selected on general ability, 10% (19 places)of places for musical aptitude. Saturday 1st Oct 2016 9am to 12 noon.
Watford Grammar School for Girls Granted Academy Status on 1 September 2011. Girls Partially Selective 180 places in Year 7. 45 (25%) of places selected on academic ability, 18 (10%) of places for musical aptitude. Monday 10th Oct 2016 6 pm to 9 pm

Other partially selective schools in Hertfordshire

School Gender Places & Info
Dame Alice Owen’s School (Potters Bar) Mixed 200 places
Click here for more information and key dates for 2018 entry
Bishops Stortford High School Boys (Girls admitted to the 6th form) 156 places in Year 7
Click here for key dates for 2017 entry
Chancellors School Mixed 180 places in Year 7, 10% of places selected for musical aptitude
Click here for more information and key dates for 2017 entry
Goffs School Mixed 210 places in Year 7, 10% of places selected for linguistic aptitude
Hertfordshire and Essex High School (Bishops Stortford) Girls (Boys admitted to the 6th form) 180 places in Year 7, 5% of places selected for sporting aptitude, 5% for musical aptitude
Click here for more details for 2017 entry
Hockerill Anglo-European College (Bishops Stortford) Mixed 120 places in Year 7 Click here for more information and key dates for 2018 entry
John Warner School (Hoddesdon)
Admissions Policy 2018
Mixed 225 places in Year 7
Click here for more information and key dates for 2018 entry

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