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The New Schools Admissions Code, by law from 2012 , due to take effect for admissions for Entry in September 2013, states that schools must take all reasonable steps to inform parents of the outcome of tests before the closing deadline for applications on October 31st 2012.

There are seven grammar schools in Gloucestershire. All the schools use the same testing process. Parents need to fill in the Common Application Form and a test registration form available from the school. Failure to complete the Local Authority’s form means the child cannot be offered a place, even if achieves a qualifying score.

It possible for parents applying to Pate’s school to sit the test at another local grammar school . Parent must notify the school they are applying to of their preference in such a case.
Children are not normally able to sit the test at other UK locations; parents may make an application to Pate’s in such a case, the decision will be made at the discretion of the school.
Pate’s school allow applicants living outside the UK to sit the test at the child’s current school in certain circumstances. Parents should apply in the normal way, ie apply to the LA and the school and contact the school directly to discuss these arrangements.

Stroud High school accepts underage children provided: they are in Year 5 and are following a year 6 curriculum, there is a letter of support from the primary school and their score in the test is in the top 50% of applicants. If the score is not in the top 50%; that score may be carried forward and be considered for entry the following year.

Also at Stroud High School, if a student is unsuccessful in the test for year 7 entry, they are permitted to sit a test once more for entry into year 8,9 or 10.

Admissions Information for September 2016 entry

At the beginning of December 2013, the seven Grammar schools in Gloucestershire have made a decision to change the examining board to Durham University – CEM (Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring). This is because they are concerned by the amount of tutoring that takes place. The CEM tests enable children to demonstrate their academic ability without excessive tutoring. CEM do not produce any books or papers. The test relies heavily on good mathematical and English skills.

Although not all CEM tests are the same, there are some similarities. Please see other areas already administering the CEM test for examples of the style of the test: Birmingham and Warwickshire

Closing date for applications 3rd July 2015
11+ test dates Saturday 12th September 2015
Test Types Two multiple choice tests, 45-50 minutes each which is split up into smaller timed sections.
Each paper will test Verbal Ability (comprehension and verbal reasoning), Numerical Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning
Examiners CEM (Durham University)
11+ Test Results sent to parents by 9th October 2015
Allocations 2nd March 2015
Admissions Gloucestershire Council Phone: 01452 426843
Email: choiceadvice@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Appropriate Practice Materials

NEW CEM Practice Materials now available on our online shop

Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials see here
Non Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials see here
Maths Reasoning Practice Materials see here
English Reasoning Practice Materials see here
CEM Practice Materials see here

School Admissions Information

School Gender Places Open Evening
The Crypt School Boys 112 places in Year 7 15th October 2014
24th March 2015
23rd June 2015
24th June 2015
High School for Girls Gloucester Girls 128 places in Year 7 TBA
Marling School (Stroud) Boys 150 places in Year 7 TBA
Pate’s Grammar School (Cheltenham) Mixed 150 places in Year 7 25th March 2015
28th April 2015
24th June 2015 morning
Ribston Hall High School (Gloucester) Girls 120 places in Year 7 28th April 2015 9:15am-12:30pm
30th April 2015 2pm-3:30pm
1st July 2015 9:15am-12:30pm
Sir Thomas Rich’s School Boys 120 places in Year 7 5th May 2015
6th May 2015
Stroud High School Girls 150 places in Year 7 23rd April 2015 9:15am-12pm
26th June 2015 9:15am-12pm

Further information about the Gloucestershire tests

(With thanks to “Tolstoy”, a member of our 11+ Exams Forum.)

In November 2008 was verbal reasoning multiple choice. The format on the day was:

  • 10 minute warm up practice test.
  • Paper One, 85 questions, 45 minutes
  • 25 minute break.
  • Paper Two, 80 questions, 50 minutes.

In the past the questions have been of the 15 types mentioned on this website but feedback from DC sitting this year’s tests suggests there may have been a move to the 21 types.

The children were not allowed to write on the question paper but were provided with rough paper for workings. The answer sheets for each test were different formats.

  • Test 1 answer sheet was a similar format to the Bucks 12+ answer sheet, which is laid out as follows:
    1. |[ A ]| [ B ]| [ C ]| [ D ]| [ E ]|
    2. |[ A ]| [ B ]| [ C ]| [ X ]| [ Y ]| [ Z ]|
  • Test 2 answer sheet was the same format as the GL Assessment practice papers.

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