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London Borough of Barnet

The admissions brochure can be downloaded from the London Borough of Barnet website.

CEM Style Practice Sessions in Harrow suitable for Henrietta Barnet School

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CEM Style Mock Exams

Henrietta Barnett School Entry 2017

The following information is presented in the school’s consultation document, which may be found here

Places 93 in Year 7
The School receives in excess of 2000 applicants for Year 7
Open Day Friday 15th and Monday 18th July 2016 from 9am-12.30pm
Closing Dates 31st October 2016 for CAF form
Closes – Wednesday 20th July 2016
(Forms can be downloaded from the website)
11+ Test Dates Round One – Friday 2nd September 2016.
Round Two – Wednesday 5th October 2016
Test Types There are two parts.
Round One: Approximately 70 minutes – verbal and numerical reasoning.
Round Two: Approximately 70 minutes – English and Mathematics.
English – questions to test comprehension and creative writing skills. The writing task may be two shorter pieces of writing or an extended piece, which can be a creative task, a discussion or opinion or a response to a scenario. Mathematics – questions to test problem solving skills
All tests are appropriate to Key Stage 2.
The results of Round One (verbal and numerical reasoning tests) will be combined, standardized and placed in rank order. On the basis of this rank order, the top 300 candidates will be invited back to sit Round Two in October 2016. The results of Round Two will be combined with the results from Round One, standardized and placed in rank order before being submitted to the Local Authority who will offer the highest ranked applicants in accordance with parental preference. The invitation to sit for Round Two will be issued the week commencing 26th September 2016.
Sample questions can be viewed HERE and
Although the CEM test can vary in different areas, there are some similarities; for more details on the CEM test see our Birmingham section HERE
Examiner Part 1 ( Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning) is set by CEM Durham University
Part 2 (English and Mathematics) is set by the school
Scores The results of part one will be combined, standardised and placed in rank order. The top 500 candidates will then have their English and Maths tests marked. The results of all 4 sections will be combined and placed in order of rank.
For candidates who did not achieve a high enough score in part one will be sent Verbal and Numerical reasoning scores and the cut off score.
For candidates who achieved a high enough score to have part two assessed, will not receive scores and ranking but a letter indicating how their scores correspond to previous years.
All candidates who are not offered a place can request their scores after the allocation date.
Allocation March 2017
Appeals Deadline for Appeals: June 2017 (to be confirmed)-forms can be downloaded from the school’s website.
Appeals heard: July 2017 (to be confirmed)
Admissions Henrietta Barnett

Appropriate Practice Materials for HB

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Maths Practice Materials see here
English Practice Materials see here
CEM Practice Materials see here. Please note:Please exclude non-verbal reasoning products if your child is only sitting Henrietta Barnet exams.

Queen Elizabeth’s School Entry 2017

GL Style Mock Exams

Places 180 Boys in Year 7
Open Evening 7th July 2016
Closing Dates 31st October 2016 for CAF form
Test Registration – 15th July 2016 (noon)
Forms available from 29th April 2016
11+ Test Dates Thursday 22nd September 2016
11+ Test Types Maths and English both multiple choice.
Both papers will be sat in one session.
Examiner GL Assessment
Scores Scores are standardised and then combined and then listed in rank order. Those who achieve a combined score of 230 will be deemed to have met the standard required. In the event of applicants scoring the same mark, allocation will be determined by the distance to the school
Test Results Posted to parents Friday 7th October 2016 (provisional)
Allocation 1st March 2017
Admissions Queen Elizabeth
Recommended Materials Maths Practice Materials see here
English Practice Materials see here

Other Schools

School Gender Type Places & Test Info
Mill Hill County High School Mixed Partially selective 240 places in Year 7. 10% of places are awarded for aptitude in technology, 10% for music and 10% for dance.
Click here for more information and key dates for 2017 entry
St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School (Barnet) Girls Grammar, Roman Catholic faith school 96 places in Year 7.
Tests: Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning, Mathematics, English
Click here for more information and key dates for 2017 entry

London Borough of Enfield

Latymer School

CEM Style Mock Exams

There is only one grammar school in Enfield, the Latymer School.

In 2012 there were 1741 applications (for 2013 entry). In 2011 there were 1675 applicants. In 2008 there were 1778 applications.

The 11+ exam has changed since the 2013 testing. It is now Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning is by CEM (Durham University). The topics are more or less the same, as the Verbal Reasoning element of the CEM exam is actually more like an English exam.
However, in preparation we still recommend the practice of the Verbal Reasoning techniques, as the reasoning skills are essential, it also helps in the build up of vocabulary. Besides, there is no knowing exactly what will come up in the exam.

Latymer Admissions Information for entry September 2017

Places 186 in Year 7 (Mixed). There were 2106 applications for 2014 entry.
Open Evening Monday 27 June or Tuesday 28 June 2016 at 7.30pm(Parents only). School Tours on Wednesday 29 & Thursday 30 June 2016 4.00pm – 7.30pm.
Closing Dates 31st October 2016 for CAF form
Monday 4 July 2016 (photographic ID is required)
Please be aware that registration opens on Monday 23 May 2016
11+ Test Date Saturday 10th September 2016
11+ Test Types Two 45 minute papers – Verbal Reasoning paper and numerical/non-verbal reasoning paper
Competence in Maths and English skills KS2 is required.
The CEM verbal reasoning test tends to be more like an English paper and not like the usual verbal reasoning.
Although the CEM tests may vary from area to area, there may be similarities in the test. Please find more examples of the CEM tests on our Birmingham section here
A Familiarisation paper can be seen here
Please also see the CEM website here
Examiner CEM (Durham University)
Test Results October 2016
Allocation 2nd March 2017
Admissions Latymer School

Appropriate Practice Materials For Latymer

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Cem Practice Materials see here

Places are offered in the following order of priority:-

  • A looked after child if he/she is ranked in the top 350 applicants
  • Up to 20 places for children from the ‘inner’ area who have an aptitude in music provided he/she is ranked in the top 350 applicants
  • The remaining places, after the above are offered to applicants from the ‘inner’ area with the highest aggregate scores.

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